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Take a class with Mary Nelson

founder of LaStone Therapy ® & StoneDancing(TM)

mary-nelson-bio-pic At TIR Massage Stone, we have tremendous respect for the methodology that Mary created and the success that she's achieved since founding LaStone in 1993. Over 25,000 therapists have been trained worldwide in her LaStone principles. That is simply amazing!

No other stone technique has had a greater impact in the massage community than the methodologies that Mary created and continues to expand (it's more like a movement really). 
The depth and quality of each stone session that these more than 25,000 therapists and their countless clients have experienced is what we want you to discover.

A workshop with Mary goes way beyond simply offering CE approved credits with NCBTMB, detailed information on proper care and handling of your stones, client health concerns and how temperature and vibrations plays an enormous role in supporting the client on a path of healing and rejuvenation.

The true value of any stone therapy lies in the transformation that will take place in your ability to offer deeply therapeutic and healing stone sessions to each and every client you have.

Over the years, many previous students have told us how much they enjoyed the class, especially specifically hearing the stream of stone stories Mary has to share and learning how to incorporate some of these special techniques within their own personal ‘Stone Walk’.

Taking a class directly from Mary is a truly unique experience. This is the opportunity you have now. Fill out the form below to receive details of attending a class with Mary.

Classes offered by Mary Nelson:

Mary offers small workshops in her home office in Tucson, Arizona.  To learn more about talking a course with Mary, fill out the form below.  Mary will contact you by email with all the details to support you on this journey.

On this course we will help you incorporate heated and chilled stones in your current massage practice. We will focus on an introduction to power of geo-thermal therapy in a traditional massage session, with proper stone placement for Spinal Layouts and Chakra Layouts and how to control the various tempera- tures for your client’s health con- cerns and proper sanitation steps.

Prerequisite: Massage Therapist

On this course we will focus on blending some energy techniques into your current stone massage, which will benefit both you and your client. We will expand your skills in Spinal Layout and Chakra Balancing stones; while advancing your knowledge of geo-thermal therapy.

Prerequisite: Background in hot & cold stones

On this course we will focus on in- corporating traditional energy mo- dalities with the science of hot and cold stone applications to the client who has health issues and who can- not receive a traditional massage. An introduction to ‘The Great Ones’ the Sacred Symbols, toning and drumming.

Prerequisite: Background in hot & cold stones

On this course we will introduce you to the Spiritual Spinal Spirals using eleven clear quartz crystals and four specialized crystal wands; while advancing your understand- ing of Castle Building with The Great Ones and exploring the mes- sages of the Sacred Symbols, all the while dancing with the heated and chilled stones.

Prerequisite: Background in hot & cold stones and energy practitioner

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A Unique Opportunity

Years ago we offered a series of LaStone classes. We sold out every single one of them in a matter of days of offering. The experience for those therapists was highly valuable. This is no different.

This is the perfect way to learn how to use temperature, through stones, to offering true therapeutic healing. This is a great way to magnify everything that you've learned up until this point as a massage therapist. Offering temperature with a depth of understanding is a tremendous value for both you and your clients.

What Mary offers goes far beyond teaching technique for comfortably and efficiently using stones; it gives in-depth knowledge of proper use of temperature and how to develop a personalized treatment plan for each and every client.

To receive the details of attending a class with Mary, just fill out the form above.

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