Unit 1 - Lesson 11: Helpful Massage Stone Accessories

Learn about some helpful massage stone accessories that will make helping your clients easier.

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Welcome to today’s video. It’s about accessories for your heating unit.


There’s quite a few choices here. Some of them are absolutely necessary and others are just luxuries for your treatment for your clients. You have to have a water pitcher that’s filled with water at all times so that you can add extra water to the roaster or the heater as it’s evaporating water throughout the day. You also need this in case the stone is ever too hot for you to hold you can dip it in and out of that water and cool it off instantly.


You have to have some way to sanitize your stones right away before you put them back in the water or in case something happened and you dropped them on the floor. You would absolutely want to sanitize that stone prior to getting it back in to the heating unit or the ice chest. Alcohol is one of the quickest ways to do that, to rid germs from the surface. There’s also things like Purell or sanitation gels and things of that nature.


You would want, also within your hot water unit (you can’t do this with cold, but you can do it in your hot water unit) some kind of spa oxidizer that you use in a hot tub or Jacuzzi.   It’s safe and approved by the health board for a body to get in to a hot tub or a Jacuzzi so it’s absolutely going to be safe for your stones, to keep them sanitized. And keep that water sanitized throughout the day so that you don’t have to wash those hot stones between clients.


You do have to wash your cold stones between clients, but not the hot ones IF you use some kind of oxidizer. In here we have Fresh N Clear from Leslie’s Pool Supply because that’s the one we are using.


There is also a wooden spoon so that you can dip in to that roaster and get your stones out without burning yourself or having to go too deep in to that hot water.


You absolutely need at least three or four hand towels to keep all the water off your stones prior to bringing them to the massage table.


We have little foot booties that are a lot of fun for your clients. If your clients have cold feet or cold hands you can take your warm stone and you’ll put it in to a little dinky pocket down in here and it will secure that stone away from the bare skin of the client. Place their foot in there and this will wrap right around to keep it nice and cozy warm. That will warm the bottom of their feet. As well as there is a little pocket in here to protect the hot stone from the client’s skin and then their hands can go in here and warm their hands. So for those people that have those cold hands and feet this is a nice way to lock in that temperature with the heat of the stone.


We also have this great little pocket caddy that you place on your belt or along your apron strings. You can carry several hot stones with you to the massage table so you don’t have to go back and forth between your roaster. That’s a real nice option.


For tucking stones along the leg or wrapping around the arm, or around the ankle, or even wrapping over the shoulders, the side of the hips when they are face down, we have different sized little pockets. You can place just one stone in here if you need to or you can place all three stones depending on how much temperature you want wrapped around a certain body part. These pockets are in three different sizes and three different pockets in each one. So, depending on how big the body part is, like wrapping this one around the back and allowing the tensor fascia lata to get temperature. This is a great option for that. You can put larger stones in there. This one is kind of small for this pocket. I’d use a belly stone for here.


You absolutely need a thermometer and we’ve talked about that on another video.


Then we have four different bags to separate your hot stones. The red bag is for your spinal layout. The white bag is for your chakra layout.   The blue bag is for your neck and face stones. And the little tiny white bag is for your toe stones. There are different sizes. The bigger bags so that you can hold the stones you need in there. We have them red, white and blue so that you can remember them, one, two and three. It’s an easy way, when you are learning, what stones go in what bag, by color coordinating them.


This is one of my favorite things because it makes my life easier. This is just a rubber mat that you put in your kitchen sink. I had to trim off a bit of it to fit in to the roaster. If you place this on top of a hand towel and fold your hand towel over and you place that in your roaster, then there is no way that the hand towel goes floating around. Some of you that are already doing stone massage realize that your hand towel floats all over the place the more stones you get out of the roaster. But this mat holds it down as well as adds extra cushion for the stones so when you put them in there it’s not as noisy.


And that’s some of your options for accessories. Enjoy your shopping.