Unit 1 - Lesson 2: Properly Sanitize & Clean

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In this video we’re going to talk about sanitation.   Something that’s extremely important for the health of your client, the health of your stones, and your equipment. You want to make sure that every single time you use your stones you’re cleaning them and sanitizing them.


Sanitation and disinfecting are two different things and you need to do both in order to keep your stones healthy and be safe for your client. You have lots of choices in the United States for sanitation and disinfecting as well in every country. They’re going to have different options for that. You have Spa Oxidizers (something that has potassium and magnesium in it), there’s also chlorine and bleach (that’s a common thing) and any kind of dish soap or hand soap. You have alcohol/rubbing alcohol. I put the alcohol in a spray bottle so that I can be more efficient with it. Sanitation wipes are something you can pull out and wash your stones off really quick before they get back in to your heating unit or your ice unit. You can also take your Spa Oxidizer and it’s 1/8 of a teaspoon in two gallons of water for your heater. You’d have to do the math to dilute that. 1/8 of a teaspoon in two gallons of water is the right formula for sanitizing your stones. You can actually put that in a spray bottle as well if you want to because alcohol has a bit of a smell to it and sometimes that’s not too pleasant for you or the client. But it is one of the safest/purest ways to sanitize your stones/disinfect them prior to using them on the second client.


You also have to wash things like your thermometer, your spoon, your gloves that you use for cleansing out the roaster. You need to get the roaster cleansed. This thing lifts out. You’re going to take it to the sink and wash it with soap and water. You’ve got to scrub it down so any oil residue comes off. Which means you’re going to need to use something besides the soap and water to get that scrubbed off each day. You want to make sure the towel is washed off every day. You want to make sure you wash your mat every single day. All of that has to be washed each day.


If you’re putting Spa Oxidizer (the potassium/magnesium) in the water, you only need to wash your heating unit once a day at the end of the day. Not between clients. And your hot stones only need to be washed once a day if you’re using something in your water. Whether that’s the sanitation/disinfecting little tablets you can buy in various different countries or it’s the product that we recommend here in the United States. That lets you get through a whole day of hot stones…..but not the cold.


You have to wash your cold stones before they go back into the ice chest unless you’re going to get new ice for every client and wash your unit with every client. If you’re not going to get new ice before you do your second client then you have to clean those cold stones off either with a choice of some type of a sanitation/disinfecting wipe, soap and water, alcohol or a diluted product of your oxidizer. The cold stones have to be washed each and every time before they go back on the ice unless you’re going to wash the whole thing between each client.


At the end of the day what you can do with everything to make sure it’s extremely spotless is put it all in the dishwasher. I even put my net bags in the dishwasher with my stones or wash your net bags in the laundry. You can put your stones nicely/neatly in your dishwasher and the soap that you choose to use is what you are currently using in your dishwasher. You don’t have to use anything special for them. Just put them in the dishwasher and run it on a low cycle (on the gentle cycle). You don’t have to run it on the deep cycle. Just let your stones wash that way.


What’s really great about putting them in the dishwasher is that they get energized also because of all that movement of the water moving around. It’s like a little tsunami for them and later on when we talk about recharging and energizing your stones and the sun and the moon and the ocean water or in a rainstorm we’ll speak more about that. Because you can actually vibrationaly energize your stones in that dishwasher. For years I thought washing them in the dishwasher would be sacrilegious, but since I’ve been doing it now for the past couple of years I have found that the stones are vibrationaly more in alignment to do the work that we are asking them to do in an energetic way.


So, make your choices for your stones and for all your equipment making sure everything gets washed. (The outside of your unit, the inside of your unit, the outside of your ice chest, the inside of it, and all your equipment including the spoon.) I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone back to teach at places and the spoon is disgusting or the outside of the units are, that haven’t been washed. You need to do that. You can use insulated gloves to help you pick up that hot unit and not burn yourself and be able to use the chemicals you’ve chosen to do that.


Take care and enjoy cleaning your stones.