Unit 1 - Lesson 3: Massage Stone Workstation Setup

Learn how to set up your stone massage workstation for effective treatments

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Welcome. In this video we’re going to talk about how your massage room should be set up to do hot and cold stone massage.


You need to place certain things in certain positions so that you can get to your hot stones easily and your cold stones easily and get back to your massage table in an efficient amount of time to have hands-on with your client.


It’s really important to have your roaster (if possible) or your heating unit near the foot of the massage table because you’re going to be in and out of this roaster quite often getting hot stones and approaching the client by their feet first, typically. Most of the time you’ll come to the feet with the hot stone instead of the head with the hot stone. It’s also nice to have the heating unit near the feet of the massage table instead of the head because then you don’t have all that extra noise going on around the client’s head.


You want to also have this roaster and massage table in such a position that you can touch both. So in case you want to hold on to the client’s foot you just have to reach to your roaster to get what you want. Within an arm’s lengths distance.


The table can be slanted like I have it here today if you’d like or it can be straight off from your workstation. You’ll want a space between your heating unit and your ice chest. This is so that you can take stones out of the heating unit and put the wet stones on to the station and dry the stones off. Or vice versa, out of the ice chest and dry the stones off. You want to get that drippy water off of the stones. You also want to keep the two units separate from one another so that the heat’s not causing the ice to melt quicker or making the ice chest warmer on the outside.   You’ll want to have enough space between the two for a workstation so you’ll have enough space for your essential supplies that you need (all your different accessories) as well as having a water pitcher so that if the stones are ever too hot you can dip that stone in that cool water and cool it off and/or add water to your heating unit as the water evaporates throughout the day.


And that’s about what it means to have this room set up so that you can do efficient stone massage.


Thank you.