Unit 1 - Lesson 5: Best Options For Cooling Massage Stones

Learn how to cool your massage stones for safe and effective treatment.

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Today’s video is about choices in ice chests or chilling units. We’re going to talk about some of the options we have.


There’s ice chests, obviously. You want to use an ice chest that fits the amount of stones that you’re going to need. However many cold stones you are going to have.

My favorite ice chest is the shorter one that’s not as deep. And this one is almost identical to the size of the heating unit. The 18qt heating unit that we have for our hot stones. I’m able to place my stones in the ice chest the same way that I place them in the heating unit. So there’s no thought for me to know where I get my effleurage stones from, where I get my deep tissue stones or my chakra stones. I have them all laid out in the ice chest identical to my heating unit. What’s nice about it being shorter is that I don’t have to reach too far down to get my stones. They’re not deep in to the ice chest. As the ice melts the stones are going to sink.


This is a little deeper so it’s going to take me longer to find my stones as the ice starts to melt. As well it’s being small. So it’s kind of confinement and I won’t be able to get as many stones in here as I need. At least not for what I’m going to be teaching you. You can probably get maybe 12 stones in here and they wouldn’t be too cramped, but anything after that, this would be too small.


This is another unit for an ice chest. Just a different option. It’s nice because it has a lid that only opens up half way so you’re not exposing the ice all the way. And it stays up without having to place it somewhere. However, it’s going to be deep so as the day goes on and your ice melts you are going to have to reach deeper and deeper in to the ice chest to get to your stones.


Some people also use little glass bowls or stainless steel bowls, but that’s not going to insulate the ice. It’s going to melt really fast. If you are willing to get new ice for every single client that’s a possibility for you, but we recommend choosing an ice chest that’s appropriate to keeping a controlled environment so that your ice is not melting that fast. And do keep in mind that you have to wash those cold stones before you put them back in that ice or you contaminate the ice and you’re going to have to start with clean stones and clean ice for every client. But if you wash them off before you put them back into the ice you can keep going as long as the ice is there for you.


Have fun shopping for your ice chest.