Unit 1 - Lesson 6: Properly Calibrate Your Thermometer

Learn how to properly calibrate your thermometer so your massage stones stay at a safe temperature for treatment.

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Today’s video is going to be about calibrating your thermometer or making sure that your thermometer is registering accurate temperature.


It’s important for you to put your thermometer (the probe) in the ice water. Ice water is 32 degrees Fahrenheit or zero degrees Celsius. You want to be able to put that in mostly ice, with some water. You don’t want to have a little ice with a lot of water because then it’s not going to register that 32 degrees that you need.


It’s going to take about a minute. This has already been sitting there waiting for us and this thermometer is registering 32 degrees so it’s calibrated correctly. However, if it wasn’t I could manually fix this thermometer by holding two little wrenches on it and adjusting it while it’s in the water. And just twisting that. You need to stay in the water when you do that and rotate the face of that thermometer either clockwise or counter clockwise to make it read 32 degrees Fahrenheit or zero degrees Celsius.


Now if it doesn’t have that little nut at the bottom of here that’s actually adjustable then you can’t manually calibrate your thermometer. Or if it’s one of the probes that’s hooked to a wire that’s on a digital thermometer read out you could still put that probe in the water and then if it’s not reading 32 degrees Fahrenheit or zero degrees Celsius you just have to do the math. If it’s two degrees off (too high) let’s say it’s reading 34 degrees in here then you would take it in to your water unit and you would minus two degrees. Instead of trying to read it at 130 you’d read it at 128 by the thermometer because then the water would actually be 130.


It’s important for you to know what your thermometer is registering. That it’s calibrated correctly so that you can be sure that you are operating your heating unit at the right temperature. Especially when you are working with somebody who has contraindications or considerations and their health issues require you to use a different temperature. When we talk about the treatment plan you’ll learn more about that.


There’s lots of options out there for thermometers. Any type that you choose needs to be calibrated or double checked with that iced water to make sure it’s reading either 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 degrees Celsius. Be sure that you do that. Especially when you are working with somebody with health issues.


Enjoy finding your correct thermometer.