Unit 1 - Lesson 7: What Linens to Use in Stone Massage & Why

Learn what linens to use in stone massage therapy.

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Today’s video is going to talk about linen choices for LaStone Therapy treatment.


You’re obviously going to need some type of a face cradle. I have a pillowcase here. You can use the disposable face cradles or the ones that are pre-sewn. Your choice. You’re going to need two more pillowcases for the spinal layout and when I demonstrate the spinal layout you’ll see why.


You’re going to need a towel to cover the client’s body because the hot stones and cold stones need to be protected from the client’s skin with this much material. So it needs to be thick. A sheet is not adequate to protect burning the client in that chakra layout with the hot stone and it would be too cold with the cold stones. So a towel is your choice. Flannel is not thick enough. A flannel sheet though is too thick for the client to lay on.


You want one layer of linen (of a regular sheet) or two layers of sheet no thicker than two layers. So flannel is too thick. However, you’re going to need something to protect your massage table. Either sheepskin, a blanket, a large towel, fake fur, memory foam, egg crates. Something has to protect the massage table because the hot stone can damage the vinyl of your massage table. So you want to protect your table first. Lay one or two sheets down on top of that. A towel on top of your client.


You are going to need at least three hand towels to collect the water that comes out of the heating unit or out of the ice unit when you’re taking your stones out because they are wet. Either from the ice or the hot water. You need to be able to dry them off.


Another option for additional hand towels is… I like to use some kind of a basket or a bowl. Put my hand towel in that and I’m going to fill this with hot stones or cold stones so that I can sit down at the feet and do reflexology or I can sit down at the head and the neck and do neck and face work.   Once I get my stones filled in here then you’re just going to cover that up. And you would actually need one basket for hot and one basket for cold.


You’re actually going to need another hand towel for that little trick about keeping your towel slat in your roaster/heating unit. You wrap that hand towel around that rubber mat. And then that rubber mat slips in to your roaster and that holds that towel down so it doesn’t go floating around and your stones don’t go hiding underneath that towel. As well as offering that extra cushion so that when you’re plopping that stone back into that heating unit it’s not too noisy.


Those are some of your choices.