Unit 1 - Lesson 9: Take Care of Your Marble Stones

Learn how to clean and care for marble stones so they last.

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We wanted to give you just another little tidbit about your cold stones. Especially if you’re using hot stones as well.


You want to make sure that you always keep your cold stones cold. They don’t belong in your hot water. Some cold stones, depending on the constitution of the cold stone/the mineral composition of it, it will actually crack in that hot water. It will absolutely have the potential of cracking on dry ice or in your freezer. Freezers are too cold. Dry ice is too cold. It’s also too harmful to the client, but it’s also harmful to your stone because stones will crack.


Different various marbles have what we call sugar veins and those little larger molecules within the matrix of the stone actually can expand when it gets too cold or too hot. So you absolutely want to take care of your stones and only put them in the refrigerator or on the ice. That way your stones will stay with you for years and years to come and you won’t have to worry about breaking a stone.


You can easily take your cold stones and set them out of the ice and let them become a little warmer so they’re not as cold. And as we learn about the treatment plan you’ll learn why you would use a less cold stone on certain people depending on their contraindications and concerns for their health. Not everyone needs a 32 degree stone. Some people only need room temperature. You want to be able to monitor that degree for body core according to what their health is asking for.


Just remember no dry ice, no freezer and your stones will last forever.