Unit 2 - Lesson 1: Why You Need a Treatment Plan

Learn why you need a treatment plan for effective stone massage treatments

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Today’s video is going to be about the treatment plan. We’re going to talk about it in not as much detail as I do in a workshop, but we are going to talk about it and get a handle on it.


The treatment plan is based on people that have health issues. This is not something you need to understand or work with when you are dealing with somebody with just a sore muscle or a kink in their neck or something of that nature. This is about somebody who has heart conditions, lymphatic conditions, a diabetic that’s on insulin. These people are medicated. This is when we are going to be needing to understand how hot and how cold and how long can I apply temperature to their body. It’s so important that you understand the various different conditions in the system and people’s health issues and what their goal is for the treatment. To know how long you use temperature, how hot you use temperature, how cold you use temperature and if you can use both and alternate between the two.


Keep in mind that we are going to talk about moving a stone on a body. This whole lecture is about when a stone is moving. When a stone is pushing blood and lymph around. When we accelerate that fluid within the system moving by a hot stone or a cold stone it affects people that are being medicated. It affects their medication absorption rate, it affects how they digest their food, it affects the heart obviously and it affects the lymph and the digestive system.


As we do any type of a Swedish application or a Lomi Lomi, a deep tissue and we add temperature to it we accelerate the body’s ability to move fluid. And when we do that we challenge people’s bodies to make a chemical change. And that’s what you want to do. I mean that’s why you are using temperature in the first place. You want to make a chemical change within the body’s system. And when you do that for somebody who has any one of these numerous conditions that fall in to those categories you take a chance on causing them to feel not so good the next day or absorb their medication differently than they are used to, digest their food differently, their insulin becomes a different output. So you have to be aware of why you’re choosing the temperature you’re choosing, how long you’re choosing and the technique you use to offer that temperature to the body.


Again, I want to emphasize, this is when a stone is moving on the body. This is not about castle building that you will learn about later, or stone placement where you are only doing energy work. This is when we are asking the fluids in the system to change because of the way we are moving a stone on the body. Be that a hot stone or a cold stone. Both are chemically changing the constitution of the fluids within the system. And how long can we do that on someone in these multiple conditions?


So we are going to start to understand the treatment plan and how we can help our clients to understand that there’s a method, that there’s a goal they can achieve. People that have an issue with their system, with their health and there’s concerns, they like knowing there’s a plan that there’s a method. Sort of like when you go in to the gym and you start of with three pound weights and you do five reps.   Then each week you increase your reps and then you increase your weight and then you increase your reps. Or when you’re starting of with yoga, you’re going to start of with basic and you’ll work up to master level.


When you are dealing with moving the blood and lymph and the digestive juices in the body you also want to start low and over a period of time challenge the body to become stronger because temperature, hot and cold to the body, allows the body to become internally stronger. It’s a vassal dilation. It’s a vascular gymnastics.   It’s vassal constriction. There’s multiple things that are going on that will internally strengthen the fluids within the system. And by having a plan and knowing how to use that plan according to the body condition you’ll be able to tonify and strengthen the internal body system over a period of time.


The client needs to understand that you have a treatment plan. That there’s a way, and there’s a goal and there’s a method. It’s not a shot in the dark each time they come in each week. The people that have health issues, that fall in to these categories, the multiple different types of illnesses that fall in to these categories, they need to come weekly to your treatment so that their body can tonify and strengthen internally and help those systems become stronger through temperature.