Unit 2 - Lesson 11: Energy Work with Massage Stones

Introduction on why you would incorporate energy work into massage stone therapy

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This video is going to be just a brief intro in to why would you incorporate energy work in to a stone session.


For me, it’s absolutely vital. It’s important. I prefer the energy work over the modality, whether it be Shiatsu or Swedish, Cranial Sacral or whatever. For me, it’s more important than the manipulation of tissue because my focus is to get the body, mind and soul connected and I need to do that through the energy work. Energy work is just going to compliment those temperatures that you’re choosing to use.


It’s going to also connect or vibrationaly be in alignment with the stones because the stones are vibrational beings. They’re from Mother Earth. They vibrate to the grid of the planet as to wherever they happen to be living. So we have the Earth vibration, the grid of the planet of our Earth Mother involved with each stone, and you then add the season, which would be the temperature. Summer would be hot stones. Winter would be cold stones and you have Fall and Spring, cool and warm.


By adding energy techniques to it, such as we do in LaStone Therapy, you’re going to elevate that vibration. You’re going to allow that easier flow with those chakra connections and even enhance the spinal layout. Any technique that you’re offering is going to be more balanced and more grounding for the client and helping to open up that whole field of energy that surrounds us, as a magnetic being.


So energy work is only going to only enhance and improve the outcome for your client and make the treatment more enjoyable for them and yourself as well. In LaStone we’re going to teach you some specific energy techniques, but any energy techniques that you already know will blend nicely with the stones and compliment that union between body and the Earth and bringing us as spiritual beings living on Mother Earth at this time.


So I encourage you to work with that and allow the stones, the heated and cooled stones, to come in to your energy sessions and not worry about deep tissue work or a specific type of modality other than gentle energy.