Unit 2 - Lesson 3: How Contraindications and Considerations Affect Your Treatment Plan

Learn how contraindications & consideration can affect your treatment plan

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In this video today we are going to talk a little more about those contraindications and considerations and how you design and choose a treatment for your client.


Besides the treatment plan and choosing at what level of the treatment plan you are going to start at, how hot and how cold those stones are, you also want to understand how long can I do the hot and cold, can I do spinal layout, can I do chakra layout, can it be a mixture of hot and cold for those two layouts? And whether or not I do Swedish or Shiatsu or cranial sacral or energy work. So there’s all those variables as to how to design that and how to incorporate it in to what you are already doing for your client.


We have different charts within the book for yourself that you will be able to download and they are just going to talk to you about how the body responds. If it’s going to be hot stones or cold stones what’s going to happen to the body? What’s going to be its response?   What’s going to happen to the bladder when I put hot on it? What’s going to happen to it when I put cold on it/when I put those stones in those layouts and/or move them on the body.


It’s going to help you understand what the natural response would be. If you don’t get that natural response then there may be something else going on with your client’s health that may not have been revealed to you. And so this will help you understand that.


Then you have the choices of do I get to do a spinal layout and can it be all hot or should it be all cold? Can it be mixed hot and cold? Chakra layout, can it be all hot, can it be all cold? Should it be mixed hot and cold? And what type of therapy do I use? What type of modality do I incorporate with it? There are several pages to this chart for the various basic conditions of our health issues that we have.


We also have what’s going to happen to the body when we apply short-term heated application of stones. When we apply long-term heated application of stones. And the same with cold stones, short term and long term cold.


It’s going to help you understand what part of the body is responding to those applications of temperatures to the body so you have a better understanding as to how and why it’s important to monitor your client’s response for 72 hours after you offer a session of stone massage or stone treatment to a client that has health issues.


Use your charts and compare.