Unit 3 - Lesson 3: Cold Stone Placement

Learn how you can use cold stones as placement stones on your client

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Once you’re done with a stone and it’s no longer iced cold you get to place that stone along other parts of the body that may be challenged with tension or inflammation, chronic pain, acute pain. So I slowly slid those stones down. They’re on her back, resting and they’re going to stay here. These are cool. They are not iced cold. They’re just now offering her a little extra thermal energy while I continue on.


Always hover. Always ask them to breathe and as they exhale, firm pressure with no movement. You watch for that second breath. You flip, firm pressure with no movement. Then work my stones a little bit in those areas of need very slowly. The slower I go with the cold, the more thermal benefit it is for the client. And I am only going to go where that client hurts. I won’t take that stone anywhere except where there’s congestion or blockage or pain. And again, it’s very slow. You want to go slow, especially on the spin because of the nervous system. I’m going to actually push the other two a little bit further down.


What’s great about cold stones is if you have an insurance company that’s not allowing you to do stone placement you can with cold because you can’t hurt with cold, as long as you don’t use dry ice. If you’re only using your ice, regular ice, and/or straight out of the refrigerator (not the freezer) you can do stone placement.


Stone placement can go (cold stone) can go on bare skin, but if it’s iced cold right out of the ice then I would suggest that you put it on either the towel or under the sheet even. So look what we can do with a cool stone/a cold stone. If it was right out of ice chest, if I had just taken it out of the ice chest I could go ahead and put my cold stones right on this towel. It would help benefit the nervous system and whatever tension is in her back.


I could also take a cold stone right out of the ice chest and I could take my sheet and I could place it under her body where she needs assistance. That stone, we’ll just place under her shoulder because maybe her pecks are bothering her, or her anterior deltoid. This is just going to help give her support, physical support.


That’s what’s great about stone placement is it physically supports the body as well as promotes the temperature that I need to help reduce the inflammation that’s in that pectoralis major/minor while I’m busy doing something else.