Unit 3 - Lesson 4: Spinal Layout with Marble Stones

Example of a spinal layout using marble stones for cold therapy

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I wanted to just take a moment to show you a possible cold spinal layout.


These are some of the stones that we sell at TIR and they could lay out to make an entire spinal layout that’s cold for a client to allow the inflammation or the congestion that might be in somebody’s back. So often times I don’t give somebody a hot spinal layout. I give them a cold or a combination of both temperatures.


This is an example of what this might look like for you. This would then be covered with material and then you would lay your client down on it. I will show you how we could do that. We would cover this and I will ask her to come back and lay her on this. And then it fits her just fine. We bolster them up and start your work.