Unit 3 - Product Demo: Hot Stone Pocket

Demo on how to use the Hot Stone Pocket for massage stone therapy

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Okay if you’re like me you like to carry stones around with you when you’re working on the body. So this will go on your belt. You wear it on your belt. You can have two of them. Then you could be piling stones in them from the roaster so that when you walk over to your table you don’t have to keep going back and forth to the roaster. This is insulated. It’s going to allow you to keep that temperature in that stone. So then you can pull them out and get them to the body part that you need. And one or two can be staying in there while you’re working with these and by the time you get to it, it still has its warmth and ready to work on the body.


So it keeps those stones nice and cozy, warm in this quilted little insulated pocket. And again, you just slip your belt through here, put your stones in here and that allows you to have extra stones at the massage table. While you’re busy with two other stones, these are waiting and still warm or cool for you to be working with. You can fit several stones in there at a time.


That’s going to be a good saver on time.