Unit 3 - Product Demo: Hot Stone Wraps

Demo on how to use Hot Stone Wraps for Massage Stone

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We’ve got some Hot Stone Wraps here for you. These are great because they offer you the opportunity to have stones tucked in them and lay sideways on the body, along the hip, along the side of the body, along the leg. So you would be able to, if we were talking about the hip area, you’d be able to put this on the sacral area of the body. These would then hang off the side and then you can put in more stones. And then these would actually be lateral to the body and they would be supporting the body in that way. It’s a very nice way of being able to get stones on the lateral side of the body, not just on top or underneath them.


We have a smaller size. These size stones will fit in here, same way, around the leg. You’d be able to get stones all the way around the leg, both on the back of the leg and/or on the side of the leg. I would have probably put a big one here, not two small ones, but that allows you to wrap that around the leg or wrap it around the waist too, if it’s a smaller person.


If you have the arm, we’re talking about the arm, or the lower leg, you have another wrap. So it’s giving you temperature all the way around that body part. Even around the shoulder. Putting this around the body, around the shoulder. You have that option to tuck those stones in the various sized pockets.


Be creative. See what you can do for your clients.