Unit 3 - Product Demo: Large Marble Eye Stones

Demo on how to use Large Marble Eye Stones for massage stone therapy

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Even though we call these Pink Puffy Eye stones, they have many uses. One of the ways you can play with them is along the face curves because they have curves themselves. So you’re limited only by your imagination as to how to fit these curves in to the curves of the face. They’re going to help reduce tension, headaches, swelling, puffiness, they’re great for after waxing to place on the eyebrows to reduce the redness after waxing, even on the moustache. They reduce those dark circle eyes, under the eyes. They’re great for sinuses, to reduce those sinuses, to get those fluids moving in the effloyd. They’re even good for TMJ difficulty, if somebody’s having TMJ, working in to that mandible joint tempomandible joint with those cooling temperatures. Don’t forget behind the ears. A lot of headaches and tensions are due to the attachment of the ears back here. People don’t play with their ears enough. Your reflex points end in your ears just like they do in your hands and your feet.


When they’re really cold, when they first come out of the ice you may want to be able to move them around a little bit prior to actually pausing them in a location. And once they’re not super cold you can just pause them and let the body react in a chemical way to the cool stones. Letting the blood and the lymph, any congestion, inflammation move out.


Whenever you end with your stones you want to have a nice way to take them off the body, in a gentle way.


Enjoy your stones.