Unit 3 - Product Demo: LaStone Net Stone Bags

Demo on how to use Lastone Net Stone Bags for massage stone therapy

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We’re going to talk a little bit about the Net Bags and I want to give you just a brief story on how the Net Bags came to us because it’s kind of exciting for me.


Myself and Tina were teaching a workshop about ten years ago and we had the opportunity of having a blind student in the classroom with us. She was blind from birth so she had no visibility at all, zero. Tina and I were really worried about her getting her hands in and out of that hot roaster because the edge of the roaster is hot, as you know, and the water itself is hot. So we were really concerned about how can she reach in to this roaster with these 54 stones in there and find what she needs because back then we used the stones all just laid out, actually in a medicine wheel. And they were in the roaster loose, all the stones were and it took several efforts to get the 16 or 17 stones out at a time that you would need.


So Tina had an ingenious idea about going home and getting those bags that you get oranges in. So she brought back six of those bags and we categorized the stones so that the therapist would be able to just pick up the bag to get her spinal layout out, or pick up the bag for her chakra layout. We were able to do that for her and she could get in and out of the roaster really easily and she was much more efficient in the workshop than any of the other students that could see. So Tina and I paid close attention to that and we decided whoa, we should just convert over. This way it would help the students save time and effort at that roaster. Saving those precious moments to have hands on with the client. So the Net Bags became a reality for us.


Of course the orange crate bags weren’t going to work for us so we needed something special. Over the years we’ve played around with different sized bags and we’ve played around with different colors. We finally came up with red, white and blue. So it’s like the color of the flag in America, a red bag for bag 1, a white bag for bag 2, and a blue bag for bag 3. We also have a little toe bag.


So in the red bag which we call bag 1, you put your four Sacral Placement stones, you put your 12 Spinal Layout Stones that line the lamina groove, and the Pillow stone that rests on the back of the neck. These are the stones, all 17 of these stones are what line the spine, the whole back of the body while the client lays supine. They go in the Red bag and we call that bag 1 and the reason we do that is because it’s the first thing you do for your client is to lay them on that spinal layout.


The second bag is bag 2 and it’s in a white bag and in that white bag we’re going to put the chakra stones. Grandfather happens to be a little blacker than the rest of everybody at the moment because I oiled him for a treatment earlier. The rest have not been oiled. All of these, the Grand dad goes down on the sacral area of the body in the supine position. The other six large effleurage, chakra stones, they’re placed on the various chakras on the front of the body, and the Third Eye stone for the third eye. All eight of these stones go in the bag 2, white bag.


In the blue bag, bag 3 we put the two Facial stones that you massage the face with, and the worker pointy stones that you work the neck and the upper shoulders with. So these all go in this one bag so when you sit down to do face and neck work, all you have to do is reach in and get that one bag.


Again, it’s bag 1, Red, bag 2, White, bag 3, Blue. Use the red bag first. Use the white bag second. Use the blue bag third. That’s why they’re numbered that way. Toe stone is in a little bag itself also, so it confines all the Toe stones so you don’t get them loose and running all over the inside of your roaster.


We don’t bag the Effleurage stones because you only use two at a time anyway when you’re doing the effleurage work. So it’s easy to grab just two stones out to do what you need to do with your effleurage. The same thing with the Hand stones. You only need those two when you grab them out. So they’re not bagged up and Grandma is not bagged up. She’s loose in the roaster.

The bags offer the opportunity, instead of having to pull out 16 and 17 stones to do spinal layout, you just have to grab your bag out of the roaster. Same with the chakra stones, there are eight of them and there are six of these because there are four pointy and two face.


So it allows you to save precious time so you have more hands on with your client.


The bags are a lifesaver. Have fun.