Unit 3 - Product Demo: Marble Bridge Stone

Demo on how to use a Marble Bridge Stone for massage stone therapy

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We have a great new stone that I am very excited about. It’s called the Bridge stone or the Arch. It’s made out of a sardonyx stone and it comes in multiple different colors so you’ll never know what you are actually going to get. It can be very green. It can be very red. It can be very brown. It can be almost see through. That’s what’s beautiful about sardonyx. It’s a very magical stone, lots of vibration. It’s all about balance and continuity. That’s what the stone brings for us.


The Bridge stone helps to support the back of the neck, either prone or supine. In the supine position it just rocks back there. It does a real nice job of putting a little bit of pressure right along the lateral side of the spine of the neck. It gives support to this part of the neck as well as supporting the base of the neck. It’s really nice for that.


This stone can also be rocked so that it’s more in to the oxcypital ridge area and you tuck another stone back there and you can actually get a little bit more pressure and a little bit of traction in that neck with this stone. It gives you a lot of options in the back of the neck.


Face down you put it on the back of the neck as well, which is a great opportunity because we’ve never had a stone before that rested on the back of the neck when somebody was face down.


This stone does a lot of other things for us as well. You can work someone’s arm or leg or back with this stone. You can do a lot of deep tissue work with this stone. On the back or any long muscle, you can rock this stone, on the bottom of the feet, on the bottom of the hands. It’s pretty versatile. It’s also great because it arches over different parts of the body that might have an injury or inflammation or challenges. So along the legs, along the arms you’ll be able to let this stone become an arch over those isolated areas that need extra attention. This is really nice to offer this to the client. To be able to get attention in different parts of their body while you’re off about doing other types of work for them. Remember these stones are cool in the refrigerator or on ice, not in the freezer.


This stone fits most people’s neck. Once in a while you’ll find a neck that’s too thick like if you’re working on a football player. It probably won’t go on the back of that person’s neck, but on the average person it’s going to fit like a gem. Have a great time with your stone.