Unit 3 - Product Demo: Marble "C" Stones

Demo on how to use the Marble "C" Stone for massage stone therapy

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So we’ve got those clients with those tired hands from working on those computers or those massage therapists, anyone who does a lot of work with their hands, mechanics, we’re going to have problems with our wrists, carpel tunnel and with our hands. These three stones offer you amazing opportunity to support your client and bring down that inflammation and that congestion in their body. It allows them to hold on to those stones resting that wrist and that hand and bringing down all that inflammation that’s in there. The stones can be moved along any part of the body that’s curved that needs to have that extra attention of temperature with that cold temperature. Again these are chilled on ice or in the cooler, not in the freezer.


So just like we cuffed the wrist, you can cuff the ankles. If somebody has a sprained ankle, you’ll be able to help reduce the inflammation in this part of the body as well. Again this stone can slide up and go where ever that isolated injury is or that inflammation that’s creating challenges for your client. They work really nicely on different parts of the body. You just have to find which size is going to fit on which body part for each client. What’s nice is we have the small one and we have the large one so it gives you the opportunity to have different sizes for the client in different parts of their body when needed.


These stones also work with doing massage on the body as well. Especially rocking along those big muscle groups like the glutes or their back.