Unit 3 - Product Demo: Marble Crescent Eye Stones

Demo on how to use Marble Crescent Eye Stones for massage stone therapy

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Okay we’re going to look at some white puffy eye stones. These are a little thinner than the pink ones, but these work really nice to be able to get some reduction of inflammation under the eyes or even in the sinus cavities. You can hold them there for a moment or you can even stroke that cheekbone with it, that tempo mandible. You can bring them up and reduce the eyelid puffiness. Hold them there gently. Do not put pressure on them. Again, these are cool, either on ice or in the refrigerator, not the freezer.


So by using the curve of that stone, I can line the cheekbone, the jaw, you can pause on that tempo mandible joint and let that cool stone help reduce the inflammation. As long as you have cool temperature you get to play with them.   You may need two or three sets of these to get through someone’s face that has a lot of congestion or inflammation. If you have a couple, three sets of them you can actually place them on the face and let both ends of the face get a reduction in the inflammation that happens to be there at the same time. By waiting anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute with those cool stones.