Unit 3 - Product Demo: Marble Cylinder Stone

Demo on how to use a Marble Cylinder Stone for massage stone therapy

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This is their Cylinder stone. It has a lot of uses also. It’s really great to use behind those tiny little necks so if somebody has a smaller neck this is where you would be using this stone. Sometimes, with Deanna’s neck you could actually put two back here behind her, but it’s a nice little stone for the back of the neck.


I’m going to show you some other ways to use it on the back as well. We have our Cylinder stone and it’s great to use on the bottoms of those feet that are tired and achy. Again this stone is going to be chilled either on ice or in the refrigerator, not in the freezer. You’re going to use it to bring down that inflammation in those feet or even in the bottoms of the hands.


This stone can be heated and used hot as well, but I find that working cool stones on the bottom of the feet works better in the long run to reduce those achy feet and the tension that people tend to get in our feet because we walk on our feed all day long. What’s really nice is when you are done with this stone you can tuck it under the ankle and it really supports the ankle very nicely.


We can also use the Cylinder on the bottom of the feet in the prone position. Again this stone can be hot or cold. Working with the temperature the client needs. Working warmth if you want to bring sedation, cool if you want to bring down inflammation and reduce the pain in the feet. It’s really nice to rock that stone in those tight areas on the feet and just let it do the work for you.


The Cylinder will rock almost anywhere you want it to rock along the body, lengthening, widening those muscles. It’s also great for some nice pressure points. Remember when you’re working with the stone to always hold it so that it supports your own hand and wrist.