Unit 3 - Product Demo: Marble Face Stones

Demo on how to use Marble Face Stones for massage stone therapy

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We’re going to play around with some other stones, cold stones that you can use on the face.


These are round ones. We had the Spheres before. Now we have the round thin ones, and you have two sizes, a small and a larger one to work on the face with. We’re going to be just about the same as how you did with the Spheres, but now you have a more precise line you can make on this body. These I pretty much roll like a tire, or a wheel, and you get really precise with your temperature and that’s very important when you’re trying to help relieve the body from congestion or inflammation. You want to get right on that point instead of having it be broad. This would be a broad application of the cold. Where this allows me to get right along that mandible and affect just that mandible with that temperature, or just the sinuses.


Again if it’s cold you’ve got to move slow. The slower you go with the cold stone the more therapeutic it is. You can certainly pause and hold it on the body part that’s causing challenges for the client. Working the back of the ears with these guys works nice too.


The bigger stones offer us a larger space to work with. The bigger stones are going to offer you a longer time to work as well. They’re going to hold the cold longer. The littler the stone, the faster it’s going to lose its temperature. The bottom jaw line. You can strip with these stones, help the drainage from the sinuses.


They make great stone placement as well. So if you need a stone to rest on a body part because you need to reduce inflammation, these are nice and thin. I think we can get it to stay.