Unit 3 - Product Demo: Marble Neck/Pillow Stone

Demo on how to use the Marble Neck/Pillow Stone for massage stone therapy

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Here’s a Pillow stone that’s cool, or cold actually. Normally it’s covered with a sheet and we don’t put it on bare skin because it’s coming right out of the ice, but you wouldn’t be able to see it if we covered it with a sheet, so we have it here.


This is a nice stone that’s going to support the neck. Most people’s neck will fit this size stone. The width of this stone and the height of this stone works for the average person, but occasionally you find somebody who has a bigger pronounced neck and you need a little bit of help and so you can put another stone underneath it because the goal of the Pillow stone is that it completely supports that cervical spine. And you need the client help you understand if it’s actually supporting them or not. So if we didn’t have this stone here, this extra stone you can see there’s a space between her neck and the height of this Pillow and it’s not touching her so it’s not giving her that little traction that we want. With me you’d probably have to use two of these because of the way my neck is shaped. But like I said, the average person will be supported perfectly with this size stone.


The Pillow stone pretty much just does that. It doesn’t really do any other job for you except support the neck.


Have fun.