Unit 3 - Product Demo: Marble Oval Stone

Demo on how to use a Marble Oval Stone for massage stone therapy

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These are the Oval shaped stones. They’re like a bar of soap. They fit in to the palm of your hand so nicely and they curve along the body very well so it’s totally natural to use these two stones, these two shapes, this shape I should say, but I always use two at a time to offer any type effleurage you can possibly imagine as well as some deep tissue work. Because they are oval they flip in your hand really easily and that’s what makes them really nice for the therapist to use. They just become a part of your hand. It’s a natural shape for you. Most of us are used to this shape. At one time or another you’ve had bars of soap. They make great stone placement stones as well. Line them along the body where ever you need to.