Unit 3 - Product Demo: Marble Sculpting Stone

Demo on how to use a Marble Sculpting Stone for massage stone therapy

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This stone is going to allow you to take that erector spinae group and pull it away from the spine. This is called the Sculpting stone. I believe I have the large one in my hand and it lets you work with the curve of the body. Did you see the difference in that? This curve can support you whatever direction you want it to go in. So on her body it’s going to fit better this way. It’s allowing me to pull away the erector spinae group from the spine, which will help to soften them and get the results we are looking for in this back.


It’s a great deep tissue work stone as well. You have options to work those trigger points with very little work on your own body, with your own hand. It just keeps that hand nice and steady while you get in to those trigger points.


Again, you have more options. You’re only limited by your own imagination with this stone. All the different curves of it allow you to hold it in such a way that it supports your body while you’re offering treatment. If you take the Deep Stone class, the Deep Tissue class you’ll learn a lot more ways to work with this stone. Again it’s a cold stone so you’ll work it slow.