Unit 3 - Product Demo: Marble Spheres

Demo on how to use Marble Spheres for massage stone therapy

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These are Spheres and at the moment we are selling Large Spheres and Small Spheres. The Small Spheres are not as polished as the Larger ones so you have different textures and it’s nice to have different textures when you’re offering treatment to the body because it stimulates the nervous system differently.


These are usually used cold, but you can use them warm as well. If they are cold you are going to start at the lower jaw or in the hairline and you’re going to go really slow. You’re going to go to the parts of the face that have tension or congestion due to sinuses or even headache, TMJ. These are amazing to help reduce the inflammation in that TMJ joint or help reduce inflammation due to a headache.


If it’s a cold stone again you’re going to go slower than you will with a hot stone. I work with around eight cold and around four hot. I always do a little bit more cold on the face than I do hot. Just let those balls roll around. When I’m done with them I usually tuck them.


The Larger Spheres have a larger mass on the body so I typically start it in the hairline or up on the skull somewhere then I slowly move myself into the tissue. If you’re working with TMJ you can tap these slightly creating a little bit of a Piezoelectric phenomenon Not hard or you’ll break your stone and you don’t need to tap hard on that TMJ joint. Let the client help you know the pressure. Again if these were cold they would move slow, like I’m doing now. If they were hot you’d keep them moving. You wouldn’t stop a hot stone like I stop a cold stone. They’ll equally get hot or cold so that’s why you want some in your cold stash and some in your hot stash. And again, I’ll tuck these when I’m done with them.


Now, let’s see what we can do on the neck. These work really nice to do that rolling along that occipital ridge. Try not to pull their hair. Again if it’s cold it can stop. If it’s hot it has to keep moving. The bigger ones work great along the shoulders. And tucking when it’s cool or warm.


Another great use is on the hands. You can really get some nice pressure point work in the hand with the Sphere. And the client loves the way that that just gently rolls along their hand. You just kind of roll it in your palm and lengthen those fingers. It makes a great little tool for working along the lower part of the arm, as well that baconious that’s always tight on everyone, especially us massage therapists.


We can have fun on the feet as well. Again if it’s a hot stone it’s got to keep moving and go at a nice speed. If it’s cold you can stop it and hold that pressure point, hold that reflex point, but if it’s hot you can’t stop a hot stone. You can stop a warm one, but not a hot one. You can stop a cold one and allow the body to absorb the temperature and receive the pressure that you’re applying to that reflex point. You can tuck this along the edge there. Maybe it might sit like that for some people, but mostly it would be here or just put it back where you found it.


So let’s talk about cold Spheres on the back.   Again it’s a cold stone. It goes on the body without movement, and then you can move it…slow. The slower you go with the cold stone the more therapeutic it becomes. We all have that lavater challenge and this just likes to roll right over it. Roll in to the skull, into that occipital ridge. It just rolls nicely around the palm of your hand. You don’t have to do a whole lot, just kind of keep moving your hand up and down and let that stone roll. For those Serratus muscles, all those arms, shoulder griddles, get in to Serratus and it’s going to unlock that shoulder, scapula work, subscapularis, it just flips to that pocket just nicely. And it likes to go in the hand. When it’s cool you can roll them down to the hands.


One of the reasons you might want to choose to use Spheres is because it offers a different vibration to the client with the shape of the stone. Rather than a flat stone or an oval stone it gives you that sphere, that ball shape. It rotates in your hand nice and easily and at the time of it rolling around in your own hand and you’re rolling it on the client’s body, you’re actually doing pressure points on your own hand. We know all our hands are tired so and it’s a nice way to be able to also use your fingers at the same time you’re rolling the stone on the body, bringing in heat or cold. If it’s a cold stone you can stop it. Hot ones you have to keep moving. But that Sphere gives you that opportunity to utilize your whole hand, your fingers, your thumb, massaging the inside of your own palm as you’re getting the work done on the client’s body. And you can keep tucking.