Unit 3 - Product Demo: Mother Earth Basket - Marble

Demo on how to use the Mother Earth Baskets for marble stones for massage stone therapy

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So we’re going to talk a little bit about our cold stones for Original Bodywork. We call this the Mother Earth Basket because it has different types of stones from around the world. That’s why we call it the Mother Earth Basket. It’s specific size and shapes to help with Original Body as well as all of our other courses. These size and shapes are good complimentary to each of our courses.


We’re going to first talk about the Spheres. We have two sizes of Spheres in this set for you. The Spheres work the face, they work the hands and feet and they will work the muscles as well. You saw those in a few other videos. It’s just about rolling that stone on the body.


We have four Ovals. The Ovals are great because it’s easy to flip an Oval in your hand so when you’re doing the cold application to the body and you want to be flipping that stone a lot the Oval stone is a good choice for that. And what’s awesome about the Sardonyx is that it comes in a variety of different shades. All the way from very light in color to very, very dark in color. So we have light, light, almost a white and a light pale of green to darker greens to browns to reds. You get a variety of color when you get your Sardonyx.


We have the white marble that’s for the Grandfather or Grandmother stone. This is a Belly stone for face up or face down work.


These stones are our Wedges or our pointy stones and these are going to give you that deep tissue work that you need to do. These are also going to come in a variety of shades between the very white to the gold-looking brown to the very dark black. The different pointy stones that have the edges on it so it allows your thumb to sit and rest while you’re doing that deep tissue work or that stripping.


Then we have the Round Stones that help you with massage around the body, around the bigger muscles, around the face, help you lift the scapula.


What is going to be nice about this whole set is not only can I do massage with them, I can also do an entire spinal layout with these stones. I’m going to show you how you can do that right now. That’s what this set was originally designed for. So that I could make a spinal layout happen for my clients that have those back issues that need that extra temperature on their back. So if the client’s head was here we could line their back with cold stones. Their bottom would be here and they would just lay down on this layout. If they’re really tall you might have to make it be about like this, if it’s a very tall person, or you could do it this way and put your Pillow stone here. If you have your Pillow stone you could also put the Pillow stone here. If you don’t have a Pillow stone these 21 stones will allow you to do a spinal layout stone for the average length of someone’s spine. Sometimes you’re going to want to use these stones here instead of the other ones. And that all has to do with how close their scapula is to their spine as to whether or not you’d use the broader stone. Do you see the difference? So you have a really narrow stone here and this one’s a little broader. And when you’re dealing with the spine and the scapula you have to have narrow here.


So that’s what this whole configuration was about, was being able to use them for all the things we need to do cold in the Original Bodywork and also allow us to have a spinal layout. You have lots of different options with those stones. Have fun with your cold.