Unit 3 - Product Demo: Net Stone Bags

Demo on how to use Net Stone Bags for massage stone therapy

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So we’re going to talk about Net Bags and your choices of Net Bags.


Net Bags offer you the opportunity to keep your stones sorted. So instead of having your stones just laying around in the roaster and you lose your pairs, if you keep them in the Net Bag it allows you a quicker access to your stones and keeps the different sizes separate from one another.


In a roaster you might have several bags all at once. These could be your Medium stones.   You might have another bag of Medium stones. You can just bring one bag at a time to the roaster instead of trying to pull out the stones at once. This grabs it out of the roaster one time, where before if they’re loose in the roaster you’re going to have to grab four, five, six times out of the roaster instead of a quick pull. It gives you that quick access.


Depending on how you work with your stones will depend on who you put in what bag. This bag works great for the Medium Effleurage stones. This size bag would work better for your Large Effleurage stones. You may have anywhere from six to ten Large Effleurage stones that you’d want to put in a bag.


This is a great size bag for either Face stones or Toe stones. It gives you that opportunity to categorize your stones so you can be more efficient. It’s time saving.


Have fun with your bags.