Unit 3 - Product Demo: Options with Round Marble Stones

Demo on your options when using round Marble Stones for massage stone therapy

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Let’s talk about our options in round, in cold. We have six different sizes that you have for round cold application and they’re all going to give you multiple options of working on the body. Not any single stone has just one use. They all have multiple uses.


These stones are really thin. They are great for tucking under those bony parts of our body, along the scapula, along sacral placement. These are great to work with the face. All of these are going to strip any muscle because they’re thin enough to get into the smaller parts of our body to get precisely where you want to go. So you have different sizes. The different sizes are going to hold different temperatures longer or shorter and they get into the thinner muscles for us or along the bones.


The thicker the stones, they’re going to allow us for stone placement either on top of the body or under the body, supporting the body and giving that weight that we’re looking for. Also, the thicker the stone the cold lasts longer. Obviously you can work longer with this stone. It’s going to hold that temperature for you longer than this one does. But these are thicker so they’re going to allow us to work those bigger muscle groups and let us get in to those bigger muscles where we want to achieve a longer application of cold. They’re great for either stone placement in the spine or on the chakra work as well.


You’re only limited by your own imagination when you get your stones. Because a stone might be called a Sacral Placement stone or a stone may be called a Facial stone it doesn’t mean that’s only what it does. Allow yourself to get creative and see how does that stone fit in to that body part? What is it going to do for me? Can I strip those thinner muscles or work more of a broad part of the body and really do some therapeutic work with that cold stone in a larger area of the body? This TMJ, even though it’s on the face and that might seem small to you, you’re bring in a fairly good-sized stone to effect the entire Tempo Mandible Joint.


So use your imagination when you’re choosing what stone, how thick and how large as what you want to achieve on that body part. And have fun experimenting.