Unit 3 - Product Demo: Round Marble Stone

Demo on how to use a round Marble Stone for massage stone therapy

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There were three sizes of cold round. Again, it’s a cold stone. You bring it to the body part that’s inflamed. You don’t move it at first and after the client breathes and understands the temperature you can move. The slower you go with cold the more response you can get with the tissue. These stones can be worked on their edge. They can be worked flat. You can use them to help elongate muscles, cross fiber friction, a little bit of traction. The slower you go with the cold stone the more chemical response you can achieve in the body to start the healing process.


This stone is no longer cold so take it off and get new ones. Again, the cold stone initially goes on the body without movement and then you get to move slow. The slower you go the more healing can take place. You always want to hold a stone so you’re having the least amount of challenges with your own hands and fingers. Again, you only take a cold stone where they’re hurting and where you need to make change within the constitution of the body. Cold stone is going to demand change.


Final application. Shoulders hurt. You want to make sure you address Sarada. You can tuck cold stones as well.