Unit 3 - Product Demo: Small Marble Cheek Stone

Demo on how to use Small Marble Cheek Stones for massage stone therapy

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We have a little thicker stone and a little bit more mass to the stone. These can be used to reduce congestion in the sinus cavities so we can call those sinus reductions. They’re great for just pausing there. They’re a little broader so they cover more of an area. They’re going to be reducing inflammation or congestion in the sinuses as well as the puffiness under the eyes. You can move these stones along the curves of the face as well and come in to that Temporal Mandible Joint and rock it on there.


What’s nice is it’s got that other beveled edge and so it allows you to rock in to that jaw and get some nice relief with that cool stone in that Temporal Mandible Joint. These can also glide along the curves of the face, work on headache area. Again, pausing that cool stone wherever there is congestion, inflammation or pain and letting the client get the benefit of the temperature.


These stones, again, are cooled on ice or in the refrigerator, excuse me not in the freezer. Do not put your cold stones in the freezer. Just on ice or in the refrigerator.


Have fun with your stones.