Unit 3 - Product Demo: Small Marble Raindrop Wedge

Demo on how to use Small Marble Raindrop Wedge Stones for massage stone therapy

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We have some nice shapes called the Small Raindrop Wedge stones and it also gives you the opportunity to be more precise in your application with temperature. This puts that little acupressure point right where you want to take it to the client. So if you know where the braymans are on the face of the body where the nerves come out you can affect that with great ease with these stones because they have that nice little point for you. You can get right on the area that’s challenging the body. Get right in to where they need to have relief.


Remember the slower you go with cold the more therapeutic it is. You can also massage with these of course. You can hold these stones. That body needs to reduce some inflammation in their ethmoid, around TMJ, temporal for headaches. You can even bridge the eyes if you wanted, but don’t let them rest on the eye. They’re a little too heavy. And it makes a great Third Eye stone.