Unit 3 - Product Demo: Warming Booties

Demo on how to use Warming Booties for massage stone therapy

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These are fun. These are fun not only for the esthetician or the manicurist, but also for the massage therapist. Whenever you have the need to get somebody’s bottom of their feet really warm this is what you would use. Go ahead and put their foot in there and depending on the size of the foot would depend on what size stone you could put in there. There’s a little tiny pocket that has a barrier of cloth between the client’s foot and where the stone goes. So depending on how large the foot is, you would have to use a different size stone to get in to that little pocket. And then the foot would be in there and the stone would be separated by this little material between the client’s foot.


This can be used face up or face down which is lovely on the massage table or it can be used when somebody’s sitting in a chair getting a manicure. They could have their feet nice and cozy warm or even a cold stone if somebody was having pain in their feet as well as during a pedicure application before they paint your toes but after they’ve cleaned your feet. This would be nice for like five minutes to have your feet either cooled down or warmed up with your choice of stone temperature. Then you just close it up and it will help lock in that temperature for that client.


It’s a nice little thing. Or even at home just for yourself when you come home from a long day standing on your feet all day you can slip cold stones in there, slip your feet in there, cover them up, sit by the TV and let your feet relax. I would certainly use cold on those sore feet not hot because the cold stones are going to help relieve the tension in those feet.


Enjoy….nice idea.