Unit 3 - Product Demo: Warming Mittens

Demo on how to use Warming Mittens for massage stone therapy

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These are our Warming Mittens. These do the same thing as the Warming Booties do. So you have a little pocket on the inside there where the stone goes and then the hand goes inside. You just slip your choice of temperature, be it hot or cold depending on what you want to do and the client just holds their hand in there or you, yourself hold your hand in there. Especially if somebody’s been waxed, wrap with Saran wrap, put the stone on there with the warm stone it’s going to help make that wax work even deeper in to the tissue and in to the skin. Soften the skin on the hands much faster than just the wax itself.


Again it could be a hot or a cold stone depending on what the client needs. It would be a nice thing to do for yourself at home if you happen to use your hands and do a lot of work with your hands and they hurt like us massage therapists, you’d be putting a cold stone in here and then sliding your hand in there to hold that cold stone. It gives you that little bit of a barrier so the temperature’s not too extreme. It keeps your hands nice and cozy warm or not exposed to the temperature in the room.


It’s a nice option.